El Maestro Sierra Amoroso (Medium)

Maestro Sierra Amoroso

Wine Maker Notes - The Amoroso (Medium) is El Maestro Sierra's version of a Cream Sherry. It is made from a blend of 15-year Oloroso (25 arroba), 15-year Pedro Ximénez (5 arroba) and a small amount of Oloroso 1/7 (1 jarra) that is aged for an additional 4 years in solera.

Tasting Notes - Coming Soon

Serving Temprature - El Maestro Sierra Amoroso (Medium) should be served at European room temperature (65°F).

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Vine Age




Suggested Retail

Jerez de la Frontera

Palomino and Pedro Ximénez

10-60 years

Albariza or chalk

15-year-old Oloroso blended with 15-year-old Pedro Ximénez and aged an additional 4 years in solera.

Lutte Raisonnée



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