Clos Guirouilh

The Clos Guirouilh estate has been held by the same family since the sixteenth century. Fourth generation winemaker Jean Guirouilh is currently in charge of the estate. The family owns 10 hectares in the village of Lasseube, which is located in a valley in the southern portion of the appellation. The area of Lasseube is characterized by its cool climate and higher elevation vineyards. The soils vary from clay-calcareous to grès.

The vines are over 40 years old and are located at an average of 350 meters elevation on steep slopes. Jean individually stakes the vines and trellises his grapes high to take advantage of the Foehn wind. It is this special dry wind that encourages the long ripening cycle and creates the conditions that make multiple exceptionally late harvests, a minimum of 3 harvests extending as late as December, possible. These late, rot-free harvests are the key to the amazing concentration in the wines. The soils and elevations contribute to giving the wine its acidic framework. In addition, careful attention to viticulture by Jean gives the wines their unique structure.